Eve & Linda balcony 2-shot 12.14 2DSC_0056Open a door into a more peaceful, balanced way of  being . . .

through the universal language of primitive reflexes, journaling and dance.

Eve Kodiak and Linda Ugelow

My intention at the start of the day: find the freedom to choose, confidence to continue, or grace to let go.  The tools to encounter that grace are now mine.”  Nancy Hilliard, M.Ed.

Join us April 17-19 at Rowe Center

for a transformational weekend in the Berkshires!

I think my body had a delayed reaction to your workshop, in an extremely positive way. While I consider myself a high-energy person, my energy is currently the best it’s ever been.”  Chris V.

 Check out this Rowe Center Web page or call (413) 339- 4954 for information and registration.

“My Personal Experience Was Uplifting . . .

“As a teacher of emotionally and behaviorally disordered children, I spend my days with anxiety and rage, occasional outbursts of riotous hilarity, but rarely any calm. Currently, I am understaffed, and frightened much of the day. Change Your Movement, Change Your Life! allowed me to share with fellow care-givers, to feel the isolation lift. I […]


Workshop Reflections

I’m still re-living our daylong workshop on Saturday, January 10 in Bedford, MA . . . we began as strangers, mostly, all women, from age 18 up into the seventies . . . we moved in silence, with eyes closed, protected by a ring of our caring people . . . we stretched meditatively to […]


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